Current Project is an online comparision portal and a market leader in the Spanish market. It provides price comparision & buy online features for a wide range of Insurance products including car, bike, life, health, home, pets and travel insurance. Over the years, it has diversified it comparision features into a wide range such as Travel, hotels, bank accounts, loans, mobile plans, broadband, car rental and deals. After filling in a brief form in a few minutes, the user gets offers from the companies that best fit their profile.

Rastreator was the 1st project which was developed and launched from India. Admiral Technologies acts as the backend for the portal managing the design, web development, DB management and quality control. It also extends it support towards digital marketing and network management.

View website was launched in Paris, France in January 2010, and is Admiral Group’s third aggregator site. It already offers customers price comparison for car, home, bike and private medical insurance. Lelynx helps user to save time and money when contracting an insurance policy since in just a few minutes they get the offers which are most suitable for them.

Lelynx was developed and launched from India. Admiral Technologies manages web development, DB management and quality control for the comparision portal. It also extends it support towards digital marketing and network management.

View website was launched in March of 2013 to simplify auto insurance shopping for US consumers. The site is the first in the US to allow consumers to fill out a single online form – guiding them through the process the entire time - and then immediately return a side-by-side comparison of real, unbiased quotes from multiple licensed auto insurance companies. Site users can review the provided quotes, and then one click will allow them to purchase that selected policy directly from their chosen insurer on the web, over the phone, or with a local agent.

Admiral Technologies supports and manages design, web development, DB management, quality control , Web Analytics and network management.

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Admiral, one of the leading insurance brand of Unitd Kingdom was launched way back in January 1993. Admiral traditionally specialised in providing car insurance for those who traditionally had higher premiums; younger drivers who lived in urban areas, primarily in London, the South East England and Scotland. However since the advent of price comparison sites, it has insured a far wider cross section of motorists.

Admiral Technologies extends it support into RPG AS/400 development, carrying out maintenance and enhancement activities for Admiral Insurance core business processing backend software.

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Elephant Auto is the group's first car insurance company in the United States of America and was launched in October 2009. Elephant Auto Insurance offers cheap car insurance for Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, and Texas drivers.

Elephant is the newest addition to Admiral Technologies. Curently it provide support to web Quality Control services.

View website is the UK's longest-running insurance comparison website, originally set up in 2002 to provide a car insurance service. Today, also offers life, home, van, motorbike, pet and travel insurance, alongside an option to compare utility providers, financial services, travel and more.

Admiral Technologies provides support to the core content management as well as design team in UK.

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Last week on the 30th March, at the appropriately propitious time, Preminen, our 50:50 JV with Mapfre, launched our newest price comparison site , Duobi ( roughly meaning “more”, ) with a warm welcome from all our price comparison sites around the world, including an impressively lively and well-attended welcome from at 4.00 a.m. Congratulations to all involved , but especially Molly, Yu, Hui , Pedro and Elena and to all at Admiral Technologies who have supported the build. The Chinese PCW world is unique in many ways and we are looking to develop a very Chinese –adapted model of price comparison. I’m confident not only that Duobi will continue to benefit a lot from our existing PCW expertise , but also they will bring some very interesting additional skills and insights as we look to expand out into other large emerging markets. All the best

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