What we Do ?


India development unit was conceived in year 2008 to enable and support the growth opportunities for our group companies, we specialize in the Price Comparison Websites. Majorly we expertise and concentrate on creating and managing Price Comparison Websites along with a robust and scalable home grown Pricing Engine that brings on the fly prices from the insurance providers for customers. We also have in place technology experts supporting core insurance based group company businesses all over the globe. The versatile combination of Business, Process and Technology allows us faster implementation with lesser risk.


Database, the backbone of every project. We are using Microsoft SQL Server Technology. Microsoft SQL server proves to be one of the most versatile databases in vogue today. As a Database team we are supporting projects across the globe. We are handling more than 20 Sql Server Instances and around hundred transactional databases. The real challenge here is to keep things running with almost 1.2 Million transactions in a day. The Database team is in a league of its own in terms of precision, skill, thoroughness and lightning-fast turnaround. We arm business with the information needed most to effectively manage operations. From real-time reporting and trending factors of your process to statistical and efficiency analyses—connecting information to the boardroom—we go the extra mile to provide thorough and comprehensive data to unleash the full potential of business. We are in charge of the system to store, process, save and recover the data. We work for minimizing risk of loss of data.

Our technology offers an unmatched range of Monitoring, Reporting, and Analyzing capabilities within a single architecture to allow every-one to make better business decisions every day, and drive business performance in efficient and effective way.


Providing a quality deliverable is one of the important focus area of QC (Quality Control) Team in Admiral Technologies. QC Team ensures the following areas on regular basis (in difference frequency):

  • Various running websites are in good health. There is nothing in the website that is blocking the visitor in anyways.
  • Business revenue generating points in the website are working fine.
  • Release of updates are deployed as per scheduled plan
  • Functional testing of various updates including impact of changes done in any release
  • Testing related to online marketing aspects
  • Testing of various database objects from functionality perspective
  • Testing from design and usability perspective
  • Maintain process workflow of Software Development Life Cycle

There is also a development wing of QC Team that is involved in automating various manual testing processes. Also, as QC Team is involved in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle, so it is also contributing in all phases i.e. from Requirement Phase till Release Phase, based on the domain experience. Overall, Quality is never compromised in Admiral Technologies.


We are working as an extended team of the onsite large Admiral IT department. We do development work for maintenance and enhancement of software product I/90 ( AS/400) which is processing Admiral Insurance core business of motor and household insurance in UK. There are more than 3.6 Million of vehicles are insured with a turn over of more than £ 2.3 Billion.

India Admiral project was started in in Oct-2011 and has grown to team of total 15 members now having 14 RPG developers and 01 team Manager.


Digital Marketing team serves as a support team for the internet marketing activities of the group's websites. Range of expertise include Pay Per Click Management, Web Analytics & Reporting, Tags Management, SEO support, Creatives Desigining & Html.


Supporting on projects involving HTML5, CSS 3, CSS Preprocessor, Responsive designing, Adobe PhotoShop, Flash & Illustrator.


Under network services we are committed to keep the system operational 24x7, we are managing IT Infrastructure of India branch Office which includes vast variety of technology such as Windows Servers, Firewall, Storage, virtualization (VMware) cluster, Internet Lease Lines, MPLS connections etc. Also, we are providing RIM (Remote Infrastructure Management) services to our group companies such as, and under which we are managing Production Servers running Websites, Databases & services.

We follow some of the best industrial practices to manage our IT infrastructure which gives us an opportunity to increase network scalability with speed but still keeping the network robust and steady. We add value to our organization through

  • Minimize unplanned network downtime
  • Adding resilience at all level to keep system operational 24x7
  • Keeping detection and measure of security threats on Priority
  • Saving cost by consolidation resources and right sizing of servers